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Guess what!?
Greyfort Greyhounds has finally relocated to the Emerald Island, where else right! And we are loving it!
You will see us on the track and the coursing field!
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Located on 3ha farm near Cashel. We have space for 20 dogs in training both coursing and racing. From time to time we also attend shows with some of the retired dogs as to give them and us a day out in the sun.
Countries we have raced/ trained/showed greyhounds in include Ireland, Australia, USA, Canada, United Kingdom and Scandinavia.

As you can see the dogs produced here are dual purpose performance and beauty, but beauty without the test of their performance or what the greyhound breed was developed and perfected to do is meaningless no matter how many rosettes tell you so!

With no further a due feel free to browse the articles on nutrition, training and the greyhound breed.
Sincerely yours Viara and Tommy
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We train sporting dogs for racing and coursing with keen interest in dog nutrition, conformation and temperament. My own Greyfort dogs also swim, balance on Gobo balls, have done agility, obedience, tracking and even modeling for dog brands.
We collect out of print and rare literature on the subject of the greyhound! A little obsession if I may openly admit.

From time to time we have puppies bred for sport, who can of course attend shows or be a companion, but they are bred to chase and be given the chance to prove their athletism and not just sit on sofas. Should this be what you are looking for, feel free to drop us a line and ask about the upcoming litter as most are reserved in advance.

Often adults are available as a companions and pets, fully passported and vaccinated of course. Adopting an adult who has been socialized and trained is a lot easier than buying a puppy and we have placed many in homes so far, in fact 100% of our dogs are homed no exceptions!!!
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The name GREYFORT is ICC registered Kennel Name and our prefix. It is also a particular house in Clonmel (Ireland) and a property near the coast in Wicklow (Ireland) where 13 horse stables lie on a 21 acre land. As well as an area in Tipperary Cottage where Thomas R. Grey of Greyfort House owned 500 acres in the 1870s. Buildings are still extant at this site.
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